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At Yorkminster, we use active listening, intensive research, and our decades of expertise to craft a communications strategy unique to your organization. Whether you’re a small business, mid-sized enterprise, or global corporation, we know what it takes to engage each of your stakeholders.

Our five-step approach


We listen intently, learn your organization’s strategic goals, and set the outcomes you want to achieve.


We review your current communications practices, familiarize ourselves with your stakeholders through extensive market research, and identify the best ways to connect with them.


We present a custom, results-driven strategy to reach your stakeholders and define the metrics for success.


We work diligently to secure stakeholder buy-in, produce content with our creative teams, and roll out your communications strategy.


We conduct a thorough analysis of the results of the strategy with you and refine as necessary.


"Over the past 10 years, I have used Adam Walker’s consulting services to help meet the internal communications needs of a variety of national and international companies. Throughout those years, he has created for me lively, informative and effective employee magazines at sensible prices. I continue to be impressed with his professionalism and practicality, and have no reservations in recommending him."

Paul Prouxl 

Former international mining company executive now helping people and organizations succeed through coaching.


Based on the discovery and analysis phases of our five-step approach, we’ll create a customized solution for you using a blend of these services.

Web content and messaging

Clear and concise messaging crafted for your web platforms and adapted to the demographics of your audiences.

Employee and supplier publications

Impactful print assets that reach far beyond your subscriber audience.

Video profiles

Professional videos ranging from micro-clips for social media to long-format videos featuring executives, employees, and customers

Annual reports

Comprehensive accounts of pertinent information, including industry landscape insights, revenue and company performance metrics, stock prices, and organizational strategy.


Online seminars designed to inform and educate your stakeholders with helpful and important information.

Procedural documentation

Development, design, and dissemination of material to inform and educate your workforce about policies and procedures.  

Email messaging

Timely, direct, and informative email communications tailored directly to your audiences in a concise and engaging manner.

Executive messaging and speechwriting

Strategic support offered to your organization’s leadership to synthesize and clarify what your key stakeholders need to know.


About Yorkminster Stakeholder Communications

We partner with organizations across a wide range of industries to share their strategic vision and inspire key stakeholders to support and fulfill it.

Your executives, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and customers are all critical to the success of your business. And together, they act as a voice that lends credibility to your organization and support its wellbeing in a plethora of ways.

In order to effectively keep them all informed, engaged, and invested, you need to address them collectively but also as individual stakeholders.


This can be challenging for your communications department without a customized, results-driven strategy. And sometimes, your team simply lacks the time, resources, or expertise to take this on.   


Our aim is to help you take the guesswork out of your stakeholder communications so that you can feel confident that your message is being heard. We make that message clear, concise, and effective by acting as a specialized extension of your internal communications team. 

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